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Articulate! Articulate! Articulate!

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Articulate! Articulate! Articulate!

This is a must read to help articulate your words well while singing. Using your articulators (lips, teeth, tip of the tongue) more specifically to create your words will help you sing better and more easily. So many of us swallow our articulation (meaning farther back in our mouth) and that habit gets in the way of resonance, tone placement and other important singing mechanics. To improve your skill, quickly say the articulator tongue twister five times in a row: “lips, teeth, tip of the tongue. Lips, teeth, etc.” Be sure to really concentrate on exaggerating the movements with the articulators. See where all the action is? That is where you feel the action of articulation when you sing. Keep in mind that you will probably feel like you are moving them in a ridiculous fashion if you are not used to using them actively. Check a mirror, you’ll probably be surprised.articulate

Another simple exercise I do is to speak the lyrics of the song correctly. Be it English, Italian, German or French, I always start out slow at first and then speed it up to normal speaking speed. One of my vocal coach in the past would tell me “Asuquo, I need you to chew your words, your consonants and vowels, and don’t swallow them in”.

The problem is that singers become use to the way that they sing, and without anyone else listening to them there is no one to correct them. This is exceptionally true with regards to articulation. If you do not have a vocal coach then you should record yourself singing, and then carefully listen back to the recording as critically as you can, but don’t be too critical. You want to make certain that you can hear the words that you are singing clearly.

When practicing your vocal skills focus on creating a pure and clear tone first, free of airiness, rasp and other tonal changes added for stylistic purposes. If you cannot create a clear tone full of life and energy, you are not singing up to your potential.

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