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Best Food for Singers!

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Best Food for Singers!

Over the years I’ve had people say me “You have an incredible voice. What do you eat?”. The truth is aside physical fitness, every professional singer has to have a good balanced diet routine. Food and nutrition are fuel and your body gives out what you put into it.
When you feed your body with the right nutrition and foods, your voice feels free and effortless. When you feed it the wrong foods, your voice sounds terrible and singing becomes stressful.

Here’s my Top 5 Vocal Super-Foods:

1. Foods with high water content are hydrating. Hydration from plants is an additional source that adds nutrition. Watermelon and melon of any kind, celery, cabbage are super hydrating for your voice. (I throw some pieces in my water daily if possible for extra hydration.)

2. Fresh REAL food is superior to packaged or processed food. If it didn’t grow from the ground, don’t eat it (or limit your consumption.) Veggies & fruits have more “energy” because they are “living” foods – singers need energy and oxygen in their blood (which real foods give us). Leafy greens in particular are energy givers.

3. Make salads your main dish. I add some beat root, carrot, cucumber, cabbage, lettuce and top off with some avocados – awesome for lubrication.

4. Green Tea is good too. I squeeze a little lime or lemon & olive oil into it and sometimes I add just a little ‎Apple cider vinegar (please use sparingly).

5. Chicken-Goat meat-Turkey-Fish pepper soup: Pepper soup is good when you have a cold for several reasons. First, it helps keep you hydrated. You need at least eight glasses of fluid a day when you’re sick. Second, the steam from chicken soup helps relieve a congested nose and throat. And finally, some researchers believe that substances in chicken soup reduce the inflammation associated with a cold.

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What foods do YOU find helpful for your voice (actual foods not remedies)? Post here!

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