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How to avoid a cold after being drenched by the rain.

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How to avoid a cold

You would agree with me that it rained cats and dogs today in Lagos, Nigeria and I got completely drenched by it. So I thought it would help to put out a bit of advice or two on what to do after you got whooped by good old mother nature. Here are some helpful tips I think you’d find useful to show you how to avoid a cold

  1. Get rid of your wet cloths: The fastest way of catching a cold is by keeping your wet clothes on for too long. Sooner or later the cold is bound to hit you. The first thing you need to do is to have a change of clothes. Wear something nice and warm. I recommend a thick sweater or a long sleeve sweatshirt.


2. Drink hot tea: Get your body temperature back fast with a healthy cup of tea. My recipe is:

2 table spoon of Honey

1 Spoon of Apple cider vinegar

Ginger tea

             Put these into a mug of hot water and sip continuously.
3. Load Up on Vitamin C– With a healthy supply of vitamin C in your body, your antibodies will repulse the cold virus faster. Some doctors even say that the vitamin stands as a form of cold prevention. Always remember to take your vitamins.vitamin

4. Hot Soup– Consuming a bowl of hot soup is healthy, especially after getting massacred by the rain. Its temperature will give your body some warmth that will help you withstand rain and the cold breeze. For people soaked in rain water, soup provides instant relief since its warm base clears up phlegm in the nasal cavities and general throat area. It also cleanses your body as it carries away bacteria and waste products to the body’s excretory system.

steaming-soup3755. Don’t Smoke– Smoking brings temporary relief during cool rainy days since each puff brings a small amount of heat to the body. Unfortunately, cigarette smoke weakens a person’s respiratory system, which is the usual problem area when you’re soaked in rain water. You should stop or at least minimize smoking during rainy days so you can withstand drizzles better.

coupon-codes6. Limit Your Alcohol– Maintained hydration is an effective way of preventing and dealing with the harsh biological effects of rain. Sometimes drinking water or eating soup is not enough. You should limit your alcohol intake since it is known to dehydrate your body and weaken your immune system. Limiting yourself from drinking will not automatically free you from colds and flu but it will certainly improve your rate of recovery.

Drunk and unconscious businessman lying on a counter

7. Don’t Touch Your Face– Aside from getting drenched, a common way to transmit the cold virus is by touching your face or putting your hands close to your face. The usual entry points of the virus is through your facial organs. The rainy season is the breeding ground of cold and flu viruses. Clearly, you must avoid placing your hands anywhere near your face or the faces of other people during the rainy season.


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