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How to sing on Pitch

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How to sing on Pitch

One major nightmare for any soloist or chorale group is singing off pitch or like what most people would say, off key. I’ve come to realize that some singers sing slightly sharp while others sing slightly flat and others are just spot on. One simple way to examine yourself is having your voice recorded while you’re singing a song. You cannot have good pitch unless you train your ears to hear and detect when you’re off pitch.

A trick I use in hearing myself is placing a sheet of cardboard papers, the size of an A4 paper, on the side of my jaw just in front of my ears lobs, such that I don’t see my ear when standing in front of a mirror. When I sing in the unusual posture I can hear exactly how I would sound to the audience.

Another helpful way to sing on pitch is using a musical instrument, I recommend a piano or a guitar as a guide. Breath support also helps you to sing on pitch so make sure your body is relaxed, maintain proper posture and take in enough air while singing.

I hope this was helpful. What method works for you? Please feel free to share here and lets all learn together.

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