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How to improve your Phrasing

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How to improve your Phrasing

How to improve your phrasing

This post is really helpful to improve your phrasing. The wrong phrasing, during a performance, can create an embarrassing situation. When singing, each stop or break you take in-between words and sentences is called phrasing. Phrasing sounds most natural when it’s done during punctuation marks, like periods and commas. Depending how much you choose to sustain certain notes, additional phrasing may be required. This is when you need to catch a quick breath and finish a phrase, without the break being to noticeable or sound awkward to the listener.

All you really need to do is sit down with your lyric sheet and mark out your phrasing, where your pauses and stops are going to be. How much air, and how much you decide to ride each note, depends solely on you. So, as you mark of your sheet, sing along to find out where the most comfortable pauses are for you and make a note of it. You can uses slashes (/) or whatever will help you remember where to take your breaths. And this will help you discover the trouble spots in the song of which you may not have been previously aware.

Hope this was helpful to you. Please share your method on how you work on your phrasing here.

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